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Available 24 hrs, 7 Days a Week
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We are a fully licensed and accredited electricians based in Essex. Our team of electricians specialise in residential and commercial properties and offer an exemplary and reputable level of services to businesses and homeowners in Essex.

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Is your home in need of a rewire? We can cater for all your needs, be it a chased rewire, a part rewire or even a surface rewire.

We work alongside Several AV company’s, allowing us to give you the best quality of CCTV and Security possible using the most up to date methods.

Installing lighting to your garden can really give it a new look, highlighting points or giving you that extra security you want.

The popularity of log cabins has gone up in the last few years, is it a new office space? A man cave? We can install the electrics to your specification to ensure you get the most out of your new room.

Have you just purchased and new light fitting, Get a qualified Electrician to install it, it will be installed to a high standard and you can sleep easy knowing the connections are safe and secure, no connector blocks or tape in site.

Soffet lighting is a great way to give a new look on your home, Take a look at our gallery to see some examples of our previous work.

Here at CG Electrical we know the importance of making your home feel special, and what better way to do this than your own decorative lighting design’s. Be this lighting around the room, or mood lighting. We are more than happy to give opinions and some ideas as well to help you along the way.

Now adays it seems everything is more energy efficient, this includes the lighting in your home, New LED lamps and fittings use less power saving you money in the long run, These also don’t get hot like the old halogen style lamps, and often last longer.

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We carry out maintenance on Communal areas of flats and residential homes, this can be as simple as changing a lamp in a light fitting, to fault finding or a full Rewire.

We carry out general maintence for the public, this can involve the simplest things, like changing a faulty light switch or fixing your socket that got cracked. We know how annoying A failing supply can be, so we pride ourselves on a quick response for maintence work to keep you out of the dark

The ring products are so popular these days and often easy to install, however this doesn’t mean it should be attempted by anyone, use a qualified installer for all your Electrical needs. These products are great for that added bit of security from the home, or even to just take deliveries when you are away from home.

With new laws and legislations it is important to ensure your electrical install is safe and fit for purpose. Get in touch with us today for your EICR carried out by trained and qualified professionals

Many homes suffer with issues from damp, causing mould and humid rooms, to rid this you can have a bathroom fan installed, these can be wall or ceiling mounted and will often operate with your bathroom light and over run on a timer to help clear the damp air.

Trying to keep with the times? With everything happening on the internet these days why suffer With poor wireless internet connection, we can install hard wired data points directly from your home hub for the fastest internet speeds possible.

We know it can be tough to decide how to design your lighting around your home, and we are more than happy to help you and give our professional knowledge and opinions.

We know how important it is to you to keep your home warm, which is why we only supply and install the best heating options for you. As with all electric heating we know it can be expensive, which is why we always install the most cost effective heating systems we can, to save you money on electricity bills while still heating your home to its best potential

Having a loss of power can cause a real problem in todays modern homes, with most appliances running solely from the mains power, we will always act as efficiently as possible once receiving your call, often we will try to offer a temporary fix until we get there where possible so your not left in the dark.

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Adding lighting to the outside of your property or changing an existing fitting, can really change the look of your home, and also has really good security benefits as well. Keeping your home well lit is likely to be a deterrent to anyone up to no good

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